Virtual Machine Images

Image Link SHA256 Sum
workstation-1.0.1 d779b92e168fdae5e0ee46520fd3eddda8416024f5da3145cb44c6ee18c55559

About VM Images

We’ve created a virtual machine (VM) as a downloadable VirtualBox image. Our VM is preconfigured with Ubuntu, ROS (Robot Operating System) and Ubiquity Robotics’ workstation software.


On Windows, unzip and save it in VirtualBox's folder for virtual machines ( \Users\{USERNAME}\VirtualBox VMs.) Inside the resulting folder double-click the file with the suffix `.vbox`. VirtualBox will import the Virtual Machine (the VM) and open the VirtualBox Manager. Ensure that the VM's networking uses the Bridged Adapter. Your user ID and password are both “ubuntu”.

Image Bugs and Contributions

The latest image listed here is to the best of our knowledge working, however if you catch any bugs or run into trouble, please file a Github Issue here, or email me at

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